Clemson Football: 247 Sports showing major bias against the Tigers (2024)

The 2021 Clemson football recruiting class is still ranked No. 2 in the nation, according to the 247 Sports’ Composite Team Rankings, but that hasn’t stopped the Tigers from seeing changes in their recruiting rankings by the organization’s individual ranker.

247 Sports released its updated player rankings for the 2021 recruiting cycle and obviously wasn’t a fan of Clemson football commitments.

No Clemson football commitment moved up in the rankings, but several saw drops. 5-star DE Korey Foreman, who was originally ranked the No. 1 player in the nation, has now been surpassed by 5-star J.T. Tuimoloau in the Top 247 rankings. It should be noted that Foreman is still No. 1 in the 247 Sports’ Composite Player rankings, which takes into account the rankings of several organizations.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr., a 5-star LB by many services, stayed at No. 25 in the Top 247 and remains a 4-star. Ryan Linthicum was rated a 4-star and was considered the No. 1 center in the cycle, but is now a 3-star and is considered the No. 2 center in the nation.

4-star DE Cade Denhoff (No. 60) remained the same, as did 4-star WR Beaux Collins (No. 111) and 4-star OG Marcus Tate (No. 117).

While recruiting rankings truly don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and they’re subject to change quite a bit over the course of a cycle, it does seem that already-committed players from around the country- except in a few special circ*mstances- are seeing their positions drop in the Top 247 while others who are still uncommitted rise.

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It’s interesting, in my opinion, because of the fact that we haven’t really seen any camps or showcases. Nothing is happening right now, so I just don’t see how anyone can drop a player- especially in Foreman’s case, for example- when there’s been nothing proven on-the-field to warrant a change.

Clemson Football: 247 Sports showing major bias against the Tigers (2024)
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