Clemson football recruiting: Four-star EDGE David Ojiegbe commits, Tigers move into top 25 for class rankings (2024)

Clemson landed a commitment from a coveted four-star edge defender on Wednesday, when David Ojiegbe chose the Tigers in a live ceremony on CBS Sports HQ. Ojiegbe, who is ranked the No. 164 overall prospect in the 2023 class, picked Clemson over Michigan, Maryland and North Carolina.

"The next couple of years, ultimately just want to maintain a great GPA and be very efficient on the field, put up great numbers, especially in the run game and in sacks," he said. "I want to be very efficient on the field and help my team win. I just want to help the college and help my team win the best I can."

Ojiegbe's commitment is Clemson's fourth in the 2023 class and first on the defensive side of the ball. At 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds, Ojiegbe could potentially add bulk and play as a defensive end in the college game. Alternatively, he has the physical tools to play as a linebacker. That versatility should give Ojiegbe's college coaches options for how to best utilize his ability.

A star at St. John's in Washington D.C., Ojiegbe finished the 2021 season with 14 sacks and ranks as the No. 20 edge rusher in his class. Here is the full evaluation of Ojiegbe from 247Sports national recruiting analyst Brian Dohn:

Size and length fit mold of developing edge position in college. Has frame to easily add 20 pounds or can stay closer to current weight based on need in college system. Showed big development from spring sophom*ore season to junior fall season. Saw play in November 2021 and athleticism and burst at snap jumps out. High ceiling player because of frame and athleticism. Plays with hand on ground and as standing edge. Displays short area quickness. Is heavy handed, able to anchor and has stack-and-shed ability. Has upper body strength with ability to add to it. Is balanced even when absorbing double team. Works hard to get off blocks. Relies heavily on speed and determination. Does not shy away from physical play. Is assignment conscious. Developing technique and move sets important for on-field growth. Has to continue to work on lower body flexibility to stay low at snap and to increase burst on change of direction. Will also help with cornering when getting around edge or on stunts. Playing a tad lower in run game will make him more effective when anchoring. At times needs to be more direct in getting up field. Multi-year starter at high-level program. Mid-round NFL draft potential.

With Ojiegbe's commitment, Clemson moves into the top 25 for the 2023 class rankings, though the Early Signing Period is still roughly eight months away.

Clemson football recruiting: Four-star EDGE David Ojiegbe commits, Tigers move into top 25 for class rankings (2024)
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