Clemson Football: Tiger commits get major bump in 247 Sports’ updated rankings (2024)

The 2021 Clemson football recruiting class has been pretty much finished up for a while now, but that doesn’t mean the Tigers haven’t seen some major movements in the class rankings.

Clemson is currently ranked No. 6 overall in the 2021 recruiting cycle with a total of 17 commitments, according to the 247 Sports’ football team rankings. The Tigers have the highest average of any team in the nation (93.52) besides Alabama (94.26) and Ohio State (94.18), who both sit atop the rankings at No. 1 and No. 2.

247 Sports just released its updated player rankings for the 2021 class and several Clemson football commits got major bumps.

According to Anna Hickey at Clemson 247, here’s a look at the latest Tiger commits to get boosts in the rankings and where they stand now as we inch closer to Early Signing Day.

  • 4-star LB Barrett Carter (Now No. 17 overall– No. 2 OLB)
  • 4-star TE Jake Briningstool (Now. No. 84 overall– No. 3 TE)
  • 4-star RB Phil Mafah (No. 177 overall– No. 11 RB)
  • 4-star QB Bubba Chandler (No. 200 overall– No. 11 pro-style QB)
  • 4-star S Andrew Mukuba (No. 212 overall– No. 13 safety)

Clemson football commits are still flying under the radar, but we’re starting to see that change

There’s no doubt that the Tiger coaching staff doesn’t take into account rankings when they’re evaluating talent.

RB Will Shipley- who was considered a 5-star- and was one of the top five players in the nation has dropped all the way to No. 26 overall in the 247 Sports’ composite rankings, just to use him as an example.

We’ve seen several prospects commit to Ohio State and then all of a sudden, their rating soars.

While that hasn’t been as drastic with Clemson in this class, it is something we’re starting to see. Bubba Chandler is a good example of this. He wasn’t even rated by many publications and now he’s a 4-star. That’s quite the jump.

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In the end, Clemson football fans have to trust this coaching staff and know that they are smart enough to know exactly what they’re doing while on the recruiting trail (virtually, for the time being, we might add).

Clemson Football: Tiger commits get major bump in 247 Sports’ updated rankings (2024)
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