Dabo Swinney Makes Wild Admission About ‘Complete Chaos’ of College Football (2024)

The Clemson Tigers have the No. 11 ranked recruiting class coming in, according to 247 Sports. Landing 13 players, including one five-star and five four-stars, the Tigers will look to improve after a disappointing 9-4 season.

While they landed an impressive recruiting class, Swinney's inability to recruit out of the portal has been under the light over recent years. Clemson doesn't have one incoming transfer from the portal, according to 247.

Not landing any players out of the portal is a questionable decision. With the shape of college football, recruiting the portal is essentially the path to success.

Clemson is ranked No. 16 entering the season, according to ESPN. An addition or two from the portal and they could've been looking at a potential top 10 preseason ranking.

The college football world has changed and Swinney hasn't exactly gotten up to speed. For whatever reason that might be, it could come back to hurt the program one day.

Many coaches around college football are struggling to find the recipe for success at this level. With NIL and the portal rapidly changing, coaches are trying everything they can to reach the top.

Interviewing with The Clemson Insider, Swinney spoke about the changes in college football.

“Right now, we just focus on what we can control. The answers that you had last year are different than they are this year. I mean we’re just in this crazy time of very, very rapid, unsustainable change,” Swinney said.

"And that’s why it’s not sustainable in certain areas. So then it changes again. And then it changes again. But I think we’re heading into a good place."

Swinney is focused on student-athletes graduating, something that often gets lost in the mix with everything going on. He's a proud coach when it comes to his graduation rate, which is a pitch to recruits and their families.

Cade Klubnik could be the reason why Clemson finds success this season after struggling in his first season as a full starter. In 2023, he posted 2,844 yards, 19 touchdowns, and nine interceptions.

Ranked as the No. 13 overall prospect and the No. 2 quarterback out of high school, according to 247, the hope and expectation is for him to figure it out this year.

If he can return to form and be who he was expected to be, Clemson could be back at the top, despite the lack of additions in the portal.

Dabo Swinney Makes Wild Admission About ‘Complete Chaos’ of College Football (2024)
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