Energy Resilience & Emergency Management - Washington State Department of Commerce (2024)

Electricity is essential to our daily life and is the lifeline for our communities. Electricity pumps clean drinking water and operates our wastewater treatment plants; it moves natural gas through pipelines and powers critical facilities such as healthcare, food and fuel operations.

As the effects of natural and manmade disasters have become more frequent, communities must prepare for potential energy disruptions that can significantly impact critical services.

Moving forward one of our priority areas is energy assurance planning and we will be updating Washington State’s Energy Assurance Plan in the coming year. This is just the beginning of a series of projects and announcements that explore the intersection of energy vulnerabilities at critical facilities and disaster mitigation planning.

We are exploring how our communities can better assess their energy vulnerabilities, specifically how to assess their critical facility power outage vulnerabilities and how they can plan and identify power sector mitigation activities. Essential to this understanding is knowledge of a few key terms.

Energy Resilience & Emergency Management - Washington State Department of Commerce (2024)
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