England vs New Zealand LIVE: Second women’s ODI – cricket score, radio commentary, video highlights and text updates (2024)

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  • England face New Zealand in second ODI in Worcester

  • Kate Cross, Lauren Filer, Sophie Ecclestone and Charlie Dean strike to leave New Zealand 114-4

  • England won toss and bowl

  • Heather Knight's side lead three-match series 1-0

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Live Reporting

Mike Peter

  1. NZ 114-3published at 31 overs

    31 overs

    And four more for Green, firing Lauren Filer away in much the same area as Kerr in the previous over.

  2. NZ 107-3published at 30 overs

    30 overs

    Amelia Kerr picks up four, sweeping Charlie Dean aggressively to the boundary behind square.

    It's only the second time she's reached the ropes in this innings.

  3. NZ 100-3published at 29 overs

    29 overs

    The hundred finally comes up for New Zealand, Maddy Green picking up a single to mid-wicket from the final ball of Lauren Filer's over.

    They really need to press on from here.

  4. Postpublished at 12:52


    Ebony Rainford-Brent
    Former England batter on BBC Sounds

    Kate Cross has done her business, finishing her 10 overs with figures of 1-31. She's just probed and chipped away. That is what you want from your senior bowler.

  5. Postpublished at 12:51


    Frankie Mackay
    Ex-New Zealand all-rounder on BBC Sounds

    Maddy Green has got lovely long levers. Her timing of the ball is what has always stood out.

  6. NZ 95-3published at 28 overs

    28 overs

    I'm starting to think Maddy Green might have sent in a doppelganger initially and has only just slipped onto the field.

    She twice fires Charlie Dean down the ground for four - another through long-on, the second a little straighter.

    The run-rate has soared to 3.39.

  7. Postpublished at 12:48


    Ebony Rainford-Brent
    Former England batter on BBC Sounds

    This is what has been frustrating, I've seen Maddy Green and I know she's got these shots. That was a lovely shot.

  8. Postpublished at 12:47


    Kevin Howells
    BBC Test Match Special commentator on BBC Sounds

    I tell you what, if she's got shots like that why are we talking about eight off 29 balls?

  9. NZ 86-3published at 27 overs

    27 overs

    Where did that come from, Maddy Green?

    She lifts Kate Cross impressively for four through long-on, doubling her score in the process.

    A few more of those, please.

  10. Postpublished at 12:44


    Ebony Rainford-Brent
    Former England batter on BBC Sounds

    England vs New Zealand LIVE: Second women’s ODI – cricket score, radio commentary, video highlights and text updates (1)Image source, PA Media

    I'd love to just shake up this New Zealand batting line-up. I would do it completely differently.

  11. NZ 80-3published at 26 overs

    26 overs

    Thanks Tom - not a thriller, is it?

    Amelia Kerr drops to a knee to sweep Charlie Dean aggressively to the mid-wicket boundary, where Nat Sciver-Brunt awkwardly collects.

    The New Zealand batters take two, the only runs from the over.

  12. NZ 78-3published at 25 overs

    25 overs

    Maddy Green doubles her score with a nicely guided cut to deep third. Perhaps a sign she is finally feeling comfortable out there.

    Still, 78-3 at the halfway point looks nowhere near enough.

    What can the second half of the innings bring? Hopefully some excitement.

    Here's Mike Peter to guide you through it.

  13. Postpublished at 12:38


    Ebony Rainford-Brent
    Former England batter on BBC Sounds

    If New Zealand get around 150 then I would expect that to be chased down with ease, they've got to get up to at least 200 to be competitive.

  14. NZ 74-3published at 24 overs

    24 overs

    Maddy Green is racing now. She moves to two from 21 deliveries.

    Apologies for the sarcasm, but New Zealand really need to show some aggression if they want to post a competitive total.

  15. Postpublished at 12:34


    Sophie Ecclestone showed a bit of class to dismiss the dangerous Sophie Devine, who was just showing signs of getting going.

    New Zealand's innings has since ground to a halt.

  16. NZ 68-3published at 23 overs

    23 overs

    Maddy Green is finally off the mark!! At the 18th attempt Green runs a single with an edge down to deep third.

    She has a big smile on her face so at least she can see the lighter side. Maybe that's all she needs to really cut loose.

    We can live in hope.

  17. NZ 65-3published at 22 overs

    22 overs

    We very nearly got a boundary but my excitement is misplaced as the ball slows up before the rope and Alice Capsey can reel it in.

    Ooh, a bit of innovation. Amelia Kerr plays the premeditated scoop that she doesn't quite time but has enough to land safe and bring two runs.

  18. Postpublished at 12:25


    Ebony Rainford-Brent
    Former England batter on BBC Sounds

    That was a very risky single, they just got in a muddle. It was the pressure of wanting to score runs.

    This is pretty painful to watch. Maddy Green is a good striker of the ball but she's struggling to rotate the strike.

  19. NZ 61-3published at 21 overs

    21 overs

    The pressure England have built up nearly snared another wicket as New Zealand attempt a risky single and Sophie Ecclestone very nearly hits the stumps with a one-handed throw from mid-off.

    The projected score 146. Fair to say that is nowhere near enough.

    Charlie Dean, who took 4-38 on Wednesday, will get her first twirl of the day.

  20. How's stat?!published at 12:23


    Phil Long
    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    That stumping off Sophie Ecclestone means it's 12 successive ODI innings where she's taken a wicket.

England vs New Zealand LIVE: Second women’s ODI – cricket score, radio commentary, video highlights and text updates (2024)
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