EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look At Clemson Commit TJ Moore - Clemson Sports Media (2024)

TJ Moore, Welcome to WRU.

Clemson Commit TJ Moore is a 4-star wide receiver from Tampa, FL who is currently ranked as the number 15 wide receiver in the country and the number 83 overall player, according to 247 sports.

Moore is one of the nation’s elite, standing at 6’3” and weighing 190 pounds. TJ Moore is one of the elite wide receiver types that has eluded Clemson in recent years. His commitment certainly gave the fanbase a jolt of excitement for things to come. TJ committed to Clemson over schools like Florida, Georgia and Tennessee to name a few.

Andrew Ivins, Director of scouting from 247 Sports had this to say about the 2024 wide receiver.

“Explosive tendencies as a route runner as he can quickly stack defensive backs with his initial burst before shaking them with sharp cuts and decisive turns. Junior highlight tape is full of circus grabs including multiple one-handed snags. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder and does a nice job of running underneath deep shots.”

We were able to speak with his mother, Alexandra Moore, who was able to help us get to know her son just a little bit better.

You see the highlights and stats, but I see the the hard work, sweat and dedication TJ has put in & continues to work on. I may be small but no doubt I am an overly proud “annoying” mom! And I’m loving it! Ha! He worked for this!! Great job @tjmoore305
❤️forever ur biggest fan. pic.twitter.com/dW6z4fLJvI

— Alexandra Moore (@3mrandamrs) June 7, 2023

Clemson Commit TJ Moore’s Mother, Alexandra answers questions

EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look At Clemson Commit TJ Moore - Clemson Sports Media (1)

What Separated Clemson From The Other Schools That Recruited Your Son?

“For me, it was the statistics. The facts. The proof. Their vision for our son as a young man, and not just a football player. TJ was one of not very many that was offered in the 24’ class and that speaks for itself.”

What Made This The Perfect Time for TJ To Announce His Commitment to Clemson?

“We were a huge part of his recruiting process as far as scheduling and transportation. Making the decision was all on him. But we have always told him, when you feel it, you will know.”

What Kind Of Player Can Clemson Fans Expect To Be Getting In Your Son?

“Player?! Ha! I would definitely say that off the field he is not a trash-talker, he would rather just show up and shut ‘em down. I don’t always hear him on the field, but when he has been mic’d up I heard a tad bit of him talking”

What Kind Of Young Man Is Clemson Getting With TJ Moore?

“A great young man with room for improvement, and I am so comfortable in Clemson helping in that department. He is still only 17 years old. There is a lot to learn! We are definitely not perfect parents and we all know there was no handbook given out for parenting. Respect, honesty, loyalty, and overall happiness are big. I always say, as parents, we can teach our kids to swim, but we can’t keep them from drowning!”

We Know About The Excitement For This Class. Is There Anything That You Can Share With The Fans About What Is To Come With This Class?

“TALENT! This 2024 class is going to be a very rare class. We are definitely ready for some very exciting games!”

TJ Moore has all of the hype surrounding him coming into Clemson. With the recent addition of Garrett Riley as the offensive coordinator, TJ Moore is ready to reap all of the benefits of playing in this new and exciting system.

TJ Moore is coming off of a junior season with Tampa Catholic High School where he finished the year with 45 receptions for 1,169 receiving yards, 1,570 all-purpose yards, and finished with 20 total touchdowns. He is expected to have a very successful senior season and be ready to come into Clemson and compete for early playing time if not a starting spot as a freshman.

ALL IN!!🐅 @Hayesfawcett3 @JerisMcIntyre @Coach_Grisham pic.twitter.com/ChPXUYSmpj

— 𝙏𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 “𝙏𝙅 ” 𝙈𝙤𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙅𝙧 (@tjmoore305) June 6, 2023

I’d like to thank TJ Moore’s mother, Alexandra Moore, again for giving us a little better look into what Clemson fans can expect when her son gets to campus.

EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look At Clemson Commit TJ Moore - Clemson Sports Media (2024)
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