Football (2024)

Dabo Swinney Head Coach
Ashley Spiers Executive Assistant to the Head Coach 864-656-9491
Woody McCorvey Chief of Staff, Football 864-656-1905
Nick Eason Associate Head Coach, Defensive Run Game Coordinator, Defensive Tackles
Mike Reed Assistant Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, Cornerbacks
Mickey Conn Assistant Coach, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Safeties
Wes Goodwin Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Linebackers
Tyler Grisham Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, Wide Receivers
Kyle Richardson Assistant Coach, Passing Game Coordinator, Tight Ends
Garrett Riley Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks
Matt Luke Assistant Coach, Offensive Line
Chris Rumph Assistant Coach, Defensive Ends
C.J. Spiller Assistant Coach, Running Backs
Abe Reed Senior Director of Facility Management 864-656-2127
Jordan Sorrells Senior Director of Recruiting and Player Development
Paul Anderson Director of Football Academics and Freshman Transition 864-656-7273
Jennifer Benton Director of Football Office Operations 864-656-1911
Alex Bina Director of Applied Science
Robbie Caldwell Director of High School Relations/Third-Year Transition
Tyler Clements Director of Recruiting Strategy 864-656-2942
Mike Dooley Director of Football Administration and Player Personnel 864-656-6431
Zach Fulmer Director of Recruiting Operations
D.J. Gordon Director of Football Operations and External Affairs
Sam Ogden Director of Football Video & Technology 864-656-0466
Danny Pearman Director of Football Scouting
Joe Robbins Director of Football Creative Media
Meaghan Turcotte Director of Football Performance Nutrition
John Grass Special Assistant to the Offense
DeAndre McDaniel Senior Defensive Assistant
Andrew Zow Senior Offensive Assistant
Carter Thomason Defensive Analyst
Jody Evans Special Teams Analyst
Da'Quan Bowers Defensive Player Development
Daniel Boyd Defensive Player Development
Tajh Boyd Offensive Player Development
Carson Cramer Offensive Player Development
Corey Crawford Defensive Player Development
Tyrone Crowder Offensive Player Development
Will Gilchrist Special Teams Player Development
Cole Stoudt Offensive Player Development
Elijah Turner Defensive Player Development
Josh Wall Associate Director of Recruiting and High School Relations
J.T. Bandy Assistant Director of Football Operations
Brooks co*ckrell Assistant Director of Football Creative Media
Andrew Feldman Assistant Director of Football Video & Technology
Anna Kate Gunn Assistant to the Head Coach & Freshman Transition
James Haynes Assistant Director of Recruiting Operations
Jackson Jones Assistant Director of Football Creative Media
Jayse McQuaig Assistant Director of Football Internal Creative & Technology
Amy Peralta Assistant Director of Football Nutrition
Shanelle Valentine Assistant Director of On-Campus Recruiting
Danny Poole Assistant Manager for Football Administration and Facilities
Jeff Davis Assistant AD of Football Player Relations 864-656-0388
Jeuel Davis Director of Life Skills & Community Service
Antoine McClain Director of Former Player Engagement & Development
Kayla Owens Player Relations Coordinator
Kendall Mercer Coordinator of Football Programming & Sophom*ore Transition
Levon Kirkland Football Name, Image & Likeness Coordinator
Football (2024)
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